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About Reservations.

For inquiries, please call us.

◯ For reservation, please call by the day before (For lunch, reserve 2 days before.)
We do not take reservation by email.

◯ To ensure your satisfaction is met, please reserve as early as possible.

◯ We make gifts such as Nigiri (Hand-Rolled Sushi), Futomaki (Thick Sushi Roll) and Barachirashi (An assortment of raw fish over bowl of rice) to meet your requirements.
Please book in advance.


Q. Do you have parking available?
A. We have private parking for eveing only. Please call us for more details.
We regret to advise that in the event that our evening parking is full, we ask that you use a public parking lot in our area.

Q. I have likes and dislikes. Is it okay?
A. Please tell us. We will serve you only what you request.