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Please consider us for all of your emotionally associated celebrations. Let us accommodate you in anyway we can. Let us show your guests just how much we care.
Trust us to provide a comfort like only we can. To keep your guests attention and remember just how special our gathering was.

Omakase (Chef's choice)

We serve dishes at your own pace.
Which can also be enjoyed at the counter.
There are 10 seats at the counter.
*You can only order Omakase (Chef's Choice)

Omakase 23,000yen〜


This is a course that has small bowls and sashimi (raw fishes) in addition to Nigiri.
You can enjoy in our tatami room.


結 (Yui) 16,000yen


舞 (Mai) 18,000yen
龍 (Ryu) 20,000yen

Gifts(To go)

We make gifts such as Nigiri (Hand-Rolled Sushi), Futomaki (Thick Sushi Roll) and Barachirashi (An assortment of raw fish over a bowl of rice) to meet your requirements.
Please book in advance. Reservation Only.

We also have a course for dining together. We can arrange dishes and rooms depending on the number of people and purpose of gathering.


We have a Tatami Room available for parties of 2 to 12 people.

For Receptions and Banquets.